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With over 15 years of experience combined in residential real estate sales, we know how important your time is and how your time is best spent. And, as a Veteran owned business, we know hard work! We pride ourselves on providing VIP service to our agents and their clients. Get your client into escrow and let us handle the rest. ​

Jerrod is a combat Veteran that served 2 tours in Iraq. After getting injured and leaving the Marine Corps, he found his new love for real estate. He led a real estate team in Los Angeles and closed deals from $500,000 to $5,000,000. After starting a family and leaving Los Angeles, he started his TC business. Now he serves agents all over Florida and California and helps give them and their clients the best experience.

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Real estate experts serving real estate agents when it comes to professional transactions and client retention. 


Jerrod Ari Zisser

Founder and President 

After eight years of selling homes in Los Angeles from $500,000-$18,000,000. Jerrod Zisser was in a bad car accident and could not drive a car for over one year. During that year he used his experience to start a TC company helping his friends in the industry close their transactions. The company exploded and now the company is serving several states. 


Emily Zisser 

VP Marketing

With experience in building and marketing many companies in her career, Emily was the clear choice when it came to marketing the company.

Not only does she have experience building and marketing companies. Emily also spent time as an accomplished real estate agent in Los Angles.  


Alyssa Brown

Head California TC

Alyssa Brown was the first hire for Spot On Transactions in the TC department. Her knowledge of the California transaction and all documents needed to close a deal made her the clear choice. 

Noah Jones 

VP real estate client retrention 

Spot On Transactions decided to take things a step further to better serve their clients. We now offer client retention services. Our goal is to give our agents the tools needed to keep them on top of their clients minds. 

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